Glass Bong with Hemp Leaf

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This Glass Bong with Hemp Leaf is a simple bong that has no unnecessary features: it's simply a good basic bong made of 3.2mm thick glass, with a stable base. This 40cm tall pipe is made by German bong manufacturer Black Leaf, and is part of the "Breitseite" bong range, which is renowned for its low prices and bongs with great value-for-money. Superb quality, escpecially for one of our Bronze Line bongs.
The downstem has a bowl attached to it, and fits perfectly in the bong's SG19 (18,8mm) standard grinding / fitting. The mouthpiece is nicely finished to give you a comfortable feel, and last but not least: it comes with a kickhole, or carbhole, to draw all smoke out at once and give you that extra kick. This genuine Black Leaf Breitseite Bong is one of the best cheap bongs you can buy.

About The Glass Bong with Hemp Leaf

  • Made of High Quality Glass
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Genuine "Breitseite" Bong
  • Height: 40 cm Tall
  • 18,8mm (SG19) Downstem
  • 3,2mm Thick Glass
  • With Kickhole / Carbhole
  • With Hemp Leaf print
  • Heavy, with Stable Base
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