Glass "SAVAGE" Bong Ice

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This Glass "SAVAGE" Bong Ice is a cool medium-sized bong made of very strong and thick borosilicate glass. What makes this bong so cool is the unique "SAVAGE" bong design with a sexy lady and flowers. The SAVAGE bong is equipped with thick ice notches for smoking with ice cubes. This ice bong is 30,5 centimeters tall, which is a medium, popular and handy size; nice to smoke and easy to hide.

The 7mm thick borosilicate glass ensures more than sufficient strength to call this a very durable bong. If you treat it right, this can be your favourite bong for many years. The diffuser downstem diffuses the smoke, making the water cool the smoke much more effectively. A smooth, clean and cold smoke is to be expected. The downstem fits perfectly into the SG19 (18,8mm) socket. The bowl goes into the downstem's so-called "inside cut", which is SG14 (14,5mm). The included bowl has a handle which makes it easy to lift the bowl out of the bong, but you don't need to when smoking, because you this bong has a carbhole. You plug this carbhole with your thumb when drawing the smoke into the bong, and unplug it to inhale the smoke and clear the bong. The carbhole can be closed off with the included rubber plug, which makes cleaning your bong much easier. Who doesn't love a bong with a sexy lady on it? Buy this SAVAGE bong directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist.


About The Glass "SAVAGE" Bong Ice

  • Glass "SAVAGE" Bong Ice
  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Size: Height 30,5 cm / Diameter 5 cm
  • Grind / Socket: SG 19/14 bistable
  • (18,8mm downstem, 14,5mm bowl)
  • Strong And Thick Glass (7mm thick)
  • With Ice Notches and Carbhole
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