'Integra Boost' Humidiccant 62% (4g)

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'Integra Boost' Humidiccant 62% (4g) is the ultimate way to keep flowers fresh: this patented technology prevents cannabis from molding, drying out, or losing any of it's effect, by keeping the humidity at an optimal level of 62% in a contained environment.

The Integra Boost Instructions are easy: Simply add the boost pack to the storage container. 4g 'Integra Boost' is enough for up to 12g of flower. The enclosed indicator makes it easy to see when the relative humidity is no longer optimal and the boost pack needs to be replaced. So which is better, integra boost 55 vs 62? According to Desiccare, the company behind Integra Boost, the perfect humidity level is between 55% and 62%. Which of them to choose depends on your own preference and the kind of flower. Both are safe because both are in the ideal range.

Due to this 2-way regulation of moisture, the flower have the best conditions during storage to maintain and even improve by fermentation the effect, aroma, freshness, taste, smell and colour. The boost pack contains no salts. The Integra Boost ingredients is a plant-based solution with glycerol and water. The packaging is printed with foodgrade colours so there is no harm to the flower. The boost pack is also biodegradable, tear-resistant and splash-proof. It remains flexible and prevents the contents from leaking.

With 'Integra Boost', flower remain fresh, effective and get agreeably mild in taste (because with successful fermentation the contained chlorophyll is removed) - in the easiest but safe way! What is the difference between Integra Boost vs Boveda humidifier? Boveda is a product made for tobacco, and Integra is made for cannabis. Buy Integra Boost Humidiccant directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!

About The 'Integra Boost' Humidiccant 62% (4g)

  • Integra Boost Humidity Regulator for Cannabis
  • Material: Plant based solution with Glycerin and Water
  • 1x Humidity Indicator Included per Pack
  • Perfect for long-term storage and curing
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