Torch Lighters 'Prof' Colour Flames Windproof

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The Torch Lighters 'Prof' Colour Flames Windproof are simple yet great torch lighters. The special feature of these "Colour Flames" Windproof jet flame lighters is that the flame is coloured (red, green, yellow or blue) instead of just the regular gas flame red/blue. The electronic ignition with anti-slip button surface makes it easy to light without hurting or burning your fingers. These jet flame torch gas lighters are often used for smoking cannabis extracts in a special bong or "dab rig", also called "dabbing", whereas the flame reaches a much higher temperature than regular butane lighters. You can also use these lighters to light a regular bong in style with a coloured flame. And best of all, when you run out of gas, you can easily fill it up again with regular butane gas / lighter gas. All in all, these are simple, cheap and decent lighters for smoking dabs and lighting your bowl. Buy the Torch Lighters 'Prof' Colour Flames Windproof directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist.

About The Torch Lighters 'Prof' Colour Flames Windproof

  • Torch Lighters with Coloured Flames
  • Available in Yellow, Red, Blue and Green
  • Electronic Ignition and Flame Control
  • Refillable with regular butane gas
  • Perfect for smoking oil or concentrates (dabbing)
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