Plastic / Acrylic Bong

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Are you looking to buy a cheap bong? This Plastic / Acrylic Bong is a simple and sturdy plastic bong. Thanks to the relatively thick, high quality plastic, this bong is not only very solid; when holding it in your hands, you can feel that this bong will last for many years. The height of this plastic bong is 32 centimeters: a good size, because it's not too large, not too small, easy to take with you to friends, outside or to parties, but it's also surprisingly easy to store. That's partly because you don't have to worry much about the glass breaking, whereas this bong isn't made of glass; it's made of strong plastic. The fitting for the metal downstem and bowl is nog a grinded 'SG' fitting like in most glass bongs, but simply a rubber plug in the wall of the bong. This bong also has another hole with a rubber plug: the carbhole. The carbhole, also known as kickhole, enables you to inhale all smoke at once, so that nothing is left in the bong. This is a plastic bong of very high quality, and you're not going to find a much better deal anywhere soon at this price. Order this original plastic / acrylic bong directly from Bongify, The #1 Bong Specialist.

Unfortunately, there is no colour choice possible. You can let us know which colour you prefer in the shopping cart comments, and if that colour is still in stock, we will send you the colour you requested. Colours: Green, Blue, Red and Orange.


Plastic / Acrylic Bong overview

  • Plastic / Acrylic Bong
  • Height: 32 centimeters
  • Diameter: 5 centimeters
  • Downstem Fitting: Rubber Plug
  • Equipped with a Carbhole / Kickhole
  • Very solid, extremely durable
  • No colour choice possible
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