'Smoke Cubes' Silicone Ice Tray for Ice Bongs

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This 'Smoke Cubes' Silicone Ice Tray for Ice Bongs made from food-grade silicone enables you to easily make your own ice cubes with smoke channels. These smoke channels do not restrict airflow, and therefore make the draw much better than with regular ice cubes. Because the surface area is enlarged, these ice cubes also cool your smoke much better than regular ice cubes.

These bong ice cubes can be used in both glass and plastic bongs, preferrably but not necessarily with ice notches. The Bong Ice Cube Mold is efficient, reusable, easy to clean, dish washer safe and even heat resistant up to 104° Celsius! The ice cubes are 5cm x 3cm in size and can be stacked without airflow interference.

Instead of looking for reusable bong ice cubes, you can now simply make your own! If you want, you can even make flavoured ice cubes, by making them out of iced tea, cola or other sweet drinks. Smoking a bong with ice cubes makes the smoking experience much more comfortable. Bong Ice Cubes are also perfect for making your dab rig smoke less scratchy. Once you've tried it, you will want ice cubes in your bong every time you smoke. Don't believe me? Try for yourself!

Can be used in Bongs, Shishas/Hookahs and other water pipes (or even in your drink).


About The 'Smoke Cubes' Silicone Ice Tray for Ice Bongs

  • Silicone Tray For Bong Ice Cubes
  • Made Of "Food Grade" Silicone
  • Airflow-Improving Ice Cubes
  • Re-useable many times
  • Heat- and Dishwasher Resistant
  • For Bongs, Shisha, etc.
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