'Uni-Bong' Bong Maker

Precio especial 4,45 € Precio habitual 4,95 €

In the beginning, there was the bottle bong... and nowadays this is very quickly and easily tinkered with the very practical 'Uni-Bong' bottle adapter:
Simply fill a commercial bottle with a screw cap with water or desired liquid, screw 'Uni-Bong' adapter on it, put the glass chillum in it and the clock strikes 4:20!
If the user likes, he or she can make a kickhole in the bottle, of course!

Attention: Comes without bottle!


  Material: Plastic, Borosilicate Glass
  Color: transparent
  Print: Uni-Bong-Logo
  Height: 160mm
  Grind: Plug Chillum

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