White Glass Chillum 'Black Leaf'

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This White Glass Chillum 'Black Leaf' is a very nice chillum for weed. This chillum glass blunt can also be used for smoking hashish or tobacco. When smoking a chillum, a damp cloth is often used on the end: presumably to cool the smoke and make it easier to draw. The definition of "chillum" is small glass or ceramic pipe used by many indigenous inhabitants of India and South America. What's better, a chillum or a bong? We think they're both great, and both are perfect for their own time and place.

This white chillum is made by the German bong brand Black Leaf, and has a golden Black Leaf logo neatly made on the side. It's made of white coloured heat- and scratch-proof borosilicate glass (also know as Pyrex). A glass chillum stone is included. The 15 centimeter long genuine Black Leaf chillum comes in a protective cloth draw-string bag.

How to use the chillum? Simple! Just put the chillum stone in the pipe, put in your herbs or hashish, and you're ready to go! 


About The White Glass Chillum 'Black Leaf'

  • White Glass Chillum
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • with Golden Black Leaf logo
  • Made of Heat-Proof Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex)
  • Comes in Protective Draw-String Bag
  • 15 Centimeters Long
  • Chillum Stone Included
  • Also available in clear glass
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