Clipper "420" Lighter

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The Clipper "420" Lighter is the perfect bong lighter for stoners. These lighters are decorated with four different designs: a bong, a fist, a joint and a cannabis leaf.

Our Clipper "420" Lighters are great for lighting bongs and (water)pipes. When you tilt the lighter, the flame gets bigger. This makes it easier to light a bowl which prevents your fingers from getting burned. The removable flint can be replaced and is specially designed to poke your bowl or joint. Besides the fact that these are really cool-looking lighters, they are also actually very functional. You can refill these double-filled 420 clippers with lighter gas to give it a new life when it goes empty. The material is very robust, "child proof", the lighter is partly made from recycled materials and contains the purest gas for a low impact on the environment. 


About The Clipper "420" Lighter

  • Clipper Lighter with 420 Design
  • Available in four different prints:
  • Joint, First, Bong and Cannabis Leaf
  • Very Suitable for Bongs & (water)pipes
  • Clever design
  • Low impact on the environment

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