Silicone Bong Mouthpiece

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This Silicone Bong Mouthpiece is perfect for social bong smokers who value hygiene. Instead of worrying about sharing a bong with some dude you would rather not even touch, you can now smoke whatever you want quickly and easily with the help of this little silicone bong mouthpiece, without running the risk of sharing bacteria and catching an infection. This bong mouthpiece is made of flexible, high-quality, food-grade silicone by the renowned german bong manufacturer Black Leaf. Because of the clever design and flexible silicone material, this mouthpiece fits perfectly on bong and water pipes of most sizes. This also makes this silicone mouthpiece "better" than an acrylic bong mouthpiece. Order this genuine Black Leaf silicone bong mouthpiece today and avoid infections for a very small price. 

One huge advantage of using this silicone bong mouthpiece, is that it can hold an 8 millimeter carbon filter for joints. Simply insert the filter (for example, ActiTube) and smoke the bong like you normally would. The only difference being that the smoke is now filtered one more time before it enters your mouth, so that you inhale less tar and other unwanted particles.

The silicone bong mouthpiece is available in two colours: black and red/yellow/green. You will receive a random colour. If you really have a strong preference of colour, you can ask us to ship the one you prefer during the checkout process. If the colour you want is still in stock, we will ship this one to you. If not, we will ship the one we do still have in stock.


Silicone Bong Mouthpiece overview

  • Made of high-quality food-grade silicone
  • From Black Leaf's "Oil Black Leaf" series
  • Hygienic solution for social bong smokers
  • Flexible material and clever design
  • Fits on most bongs and water pips
  • Perfect for visitors and social gatherings
  • No risk of infection
  • Can be fitted with 8mm Carbon Filter
  • Random colour, no choice possible
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