Heavy Blown Glass Bong 'Zoska'

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This especially heavy blown glass bong 'Zoska' is a handmade piece of art. Equipped with a step-shaped bowl with plenty of room of dried herbs and a nicely finished kickhole, this relatively cheap bong is sure to send you straight into space. With a height of 21 centimeters this is a fairly small bong, but the quality is great. As the name says, this really is a heavy blown glass bong; the glass wall has a thickness of up to 10 millimeters! This classic glass bong is also available in yellow. This bong is handmade and therefore can differ from the foto shown in weight and colour (they are all similar). Contrary to the previous models, this bong has a glass SG14 (14,5mm) "standard grinding" in which the bowl fits. This doesn't only make it easy to remove and insert the bowl into the bong, but it also makes it easy and painless to replace the bowl with a different one.


About The Heavy Blown Glass Bong 'Zoska'

  • Heavy Blown Glass "Zoska" Bong
  • Made of Thick Glass (5 - 10mm)
  • Height: 21 centimeters
  • Handmade, every bong is unique
  • Glass SG14 standard grinding (14,5mm)
  • Step-shaped bowl for dry herbs included
  • Also available in yellow
  • With Kickhole / Air Hole / Carbhole
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