16-Hole Diffuser Downstem 18,8mm (SG19)

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If you're looking to improve or upgrade your bong, then have a look at this 16-Hole Diffuser Downstem 18,8mm. This so-called Diffuser Downstem is one of the best ways of upgrading a bong to improve the smoking experience and smoothness of the smoke for very little money. Instead of one large opening, such as most downstems have, this diffuser downstem has 16 holes at the bottom through which the smoke makes its way into the bong. Thanks to these holes, the smoke is "diffused", which enables the water to cool and filter much more efficiently. This means: less impurities (such as tar) make their way to your lungs, the smoke is much cooler and smoother on the throat which reduces coughing, and the overall smoking experience is just much more pleasant. 

The downstem is made of high quality borosilicate glass. This strong type of glass, also known as "scientific glass" or "laboratory glass" makes the downstem much more durable, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. If treated well, this downstem can easily last for many years. It is very well finished and the overall quality is exceptionally high for a downstem in this price range. It fits on all SG19 (18,8mm) bongs that require a 12 to 16cm long downstem. The length of the diffuser downstem is measured from the top edge of the lower "standard grinding". We also have a 14cm diffuser downstem in stock. If you're looking for a replacement downstem, this is one we would definitely recommend.

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About The 16-Hole Diffuser Downstem 18,8mm (SG19)

  • Diffuser Downstem
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: 12 - 16 centimeters
  • Size: 18,8mm (SG19)
  • 16-Hole Diffuser
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