'Black Leaf' 'Bong Shine' Bong Cleaner Concentrate

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'Black Leaf' 'Bong Shine' Bong Cleaner Concentrate - Makes the bong shine again! ’Bong Shine’ is a biodegradable cleaning concentrate with active oxygen. It is specially developed for cleaning water pipes of all materials, to make them shine like new.

This effective bong cleaner solution by Black Leaf is available in two containers, with 150 grams or 350 grams of Bong Shine powder. This bong cleaner without rubbing alcohol works with enzymes that dissolve the dirt buildup in your bong together with hot or boiling water. Even stubborn baked or dried grime can be completely removed with the help of a brush. The longer the exposure time, the better the cleaning result! Suitable for all water pipes made of glass, silicone, acryl, and ceramics. Bong Shine cleaning powder by Black Leaf is one of the easiest ways to clean bongs that are very dirty, or dirty percolator bongs that cannot possibly be cleaned using only a brush.

How to use 'Bong Shine' Cleaner Concentrate

Add 1-2 tablespoons (depends on the size of the pipe) of ‘Bong Shine’ into the bong and fill it up with boiling water. We recommend to seal all openings of the bong with bong plugs, so that the pipe can be completely filled with hot water to let it soak. After 3-5 minutes of exposure time, shake the bong well and pour out the water with the dissolved tar/dirt. Rinse again with hot water.

Attention: not all materials can take very hot water! Contains protease which can cause allergic reactions.


About The 'Black Leaf' 'Bong Shine' Bong Cleaner Concentrate

  • Bong Cleaner Powder
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • 1-2 Tea Spoons per Bong
  • For Glass, Ceramic, Acrylic & Ceramic Bongs
  • Per 150 grams or 350 grams
  • Works best with a bong plug
  • Label in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German
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