'Black Leaf' Drum Percolator Bong

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This Black Leaf Drum Percolator Bong is a reasonably priced high-end glass bong. This Drum Percolator bong is made of high quality borosilicate glass and has a height of 33,5 centimeters. The borosilicate glass gives this bong more strength, makes it very durable and more resistant to heat and scratching. The glass is 4 millimeters thick, which is thicker than many other bongs. Although it is of course still made of glass, this bong won't break very easily. The socket for the bowl is a female 14,5mm (SG14F) grinding, as often seen on dab rigs. But this bong comes with a bowl for dried herbs. This glass bowl is equipped with an integrated glass screen, so you don't have to use any bong screens! If you want, you can simply turn it into a dab rig by mounting an oil bowl. 

One of the most beloved aspects of this bong is of course the Drum Percolator, which ensures an optimal cooling and filtration of the smoke. It creates a rigorous swirling of the smoke through the water. Upon inhalation, you realize what the true value of this percolator is: clean (with most tar particles filtered out) and most of all extremely smooth smoke! You'd have to take enormous bong hits for this bong to make you cough. The glass grip on the bowl enables you to lift the bowl out of the bong while smoking without burning your fingers. In addition, it acts as a "roll-stop", preventing your bowl from rolling off a table. All in all, this genuine Black Leaf Drum Percolator Bong is a very good deal.


About the 'Black Leaf' Drum Percolator Bong

  • Black Leaf Drum Percolator Bong
  • Made of High Quality Glass
  • With 'Black Leaf' print
  • Height: 335 millimeters
  • Grind / Socket: SG14F (14,5mm)
  • 4mm Thick Glass
  • With Drum Percolator
  • Bowl with integrated glass screen
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