'Black Leaf' Erich Honecker 'HoneyComb' Bong

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The 'Black Leaf' Erich Honecker 'HoneyComb' Bong is the second piece the Black Leaf Dictactor Bongs series. Erich Honecker, also known in Germany as "Honny" is not as up-to-date as Kim Jong-Un, but in his time as dictator of the DDR he should have definitely tried smoking a bong!

Although the German people had to suffer under Honny's regime, this glass bong is equipped with everything a stoner's heart desires: it has two HoneyComb Diffuser Discs, an Ice Cube holder, a kickhole (carbhole) that can be closed off with the included rubber plug, and a glass bowl with an integrated glass screen and a roll-stop handle! Thanks to the included rubber plug, you can fill the bong with water for easy cleaning, which works especially well with a good bong cleaner. The double HoneyComb Diffuser lets the water cool the smoke very effectively which makes it very smooth on the throat, making the smoke much more pleasant on inhalation! You can improve this cooling effect even further by using the ice cube holder or "ice notches", by filling the bong's cylinder with ice cubes to make the smoke incredibly enjoyable. Everyone likes ice bongs!

The 'Erich Honey Comb' bong is handmade of the best borosilicate glass of half a centimeter thick. Borosilicate glass is scratch resistant, heat resistant and much stronger than regular glass, and thanks to its hard surface it is much easier to clean, because the dirt doesn't stick to the glass very well. Thanks to the thickness of the glass, you don't have to worry about it breaking quickly: when used normally, it can easily last for many many years. The reinforced glass foot is very strong and provides plenty of stability for Honny, and for upgrading it with a pre-cooler or dab nail. The mouthpiece is also very well finished and nicely rounded for maximum smoking comfort while enjoying the incredibly smooth smoke this bong produces. Limited Edition, so be quick!

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About The 'Black Leaf' Erich Honecker 'HoneyComb' Bong

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass (5mm thick)
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Height: 40 Centimeters
  • Kleur: Blue / Transparent
  • Bowl Size: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • 2x HoneyComb Diffuser
  • With Ice Cube Holders
  • Kickhole (Carbhole) with Rubber Plug
  • "Erich Honey Comb" Print
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