Black Leaf 'Flaming Skull' 2x 10-Arm Percolator Ice Bong

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The Black Leaf 'Flaming Skull' 2x 10-Arm Percolator Ice Bong is a high-end bong with tremendous cooling power for delivering an ultra smooth smoke. The percolators glass arms are individually welded to the inner tube, which makes the percolators extremely robust. The whole bong is and feels tremendously robust and solid, thanks to the 7mm thick Borosilicate Glass ("Scientific Glass", "Pyrex") of which it is made.

This bong has it all: fantastic looks, strong and durable glass, a diffuser downstem, TWO 10-arm percolators, a splash guard and the option of adding ice cubes to cool the smoke down. All of this together results in an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable but also very tasty smoke that is much easier to inhale without coughing. Of course, you don't have to use the ice option if you don't want to, but it certainly adds a bit of extra luxury to the smoking experience. The splash guard that's just above the upper percolator is there to prevent any splashes of water from reaching your mouth, so even if you pull the bong like a true psycho, there's no need to worry about dirty bong splashes in your mouth!

When the smoke enters the bong, it is first diffused (spread) through the water by the "diffuser downstem". This increases the effectivity of the water that cools the smoke down and partly filters it of unwanted particles, such as tar. Then it travels up through the two 10-arm percolators, which are also filled with water. The smoke gets cooled and filtered again, but much more effectively than most other bongs do. 

Tip: add a few drops of LimPuro Tar Blocker Concentrate to keep your bong cleaner.

The kickhole (carbhole) on the side of the bong lets you control the airflow, so you don't need to lift the bowl out of the bong while smoking. Simply hold your finger on the hole while pulling the bong full of smoke, and release your finger to inhale and clear the smoke from the bong. There's a rubber plug included with the bong (the black thing in the picture) that enables you to close the hole, for example when you want to fill it with warm water and let it soak. You can also use it to close off the hole permanently if you prefer to lift the bowl from the bong. 

If you're looking for a durable, high quality bong that does an incredible job at improving the quality of the smoke, look no further.

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About The Black Leaf 'Flaming Skull' 2x 10-Arm Percolator Ice Bong

  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Borosilicate Glass ("Scientific Glass")
  • Height: 57 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 5 Centimeters
  • SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
  • 2x 10-Arm Percolator
  • Thick Glass (7mm)
  • Diffuser Downstem
  • Splash Guard
  • Bowl with Glass Handle
  • With Ice Holders (Ice Bong)
  • Kickhole / Carbhole with Rubber Plug
  • Colour: Blue / Transparent
  • With 'Flaming Skull' Print
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