Gold Line Bongs

Our Gold Line Bongs are high-end bongs that represent only the best of the best. These luxury bongs are of incredibly high quality and are packed with luxurious features you usually only see on expensive bongs: percolators, diffusers, thick glass and mostly a high level of refinement. There's only one real difference with our Gold Line Bongs and most other high end bongs: Although our Gold Line bongs are definitely comfortable, imposing, extravagant and simply gorgeous, there is one major difference between Bongify and other online bong shops that sell luxury bongs: the pricing. The bongs in this category are the most expensive bongs we have, but still, you get a lot of value for money with these long lasting, high quality, thick glass bongs. Bongify's Gold Line is the #1 high end bong shop with the best and most luxurious high-end bongs. If you're looking to buy expensive bongs for cheap, you've come to the right place! 

Bongify is the only European company offering some expensive bong brands from the USA. So what is the most expensive bong brand in the world? That depends: most ultra-luxurious bongs are custom pieces of which only one model is made. But there are also incredibly luxurious and expensive dab rigs for sale that will impress even the richest of men. We have some incredible gemstone bongs and bongs with minerals that would even look good in the castle of a billionaire!

These high end bongs offer unmatched smoking pleasure. Order today and enjoy for life.

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