'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Frit & Drum Percolator

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Our 'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Frit & Drum Percolator is an effective, no-nonsense high quality smoking device. As the name says, this percolator bong is made by the German bong brand Black Leaf. The height is 36 centimeters, and it has a glass bowl with an SG19 (18,8mm) attachment. When the smoke is drawn into the bong, it is first cooled when it comes in contact with the water. As it travels up, the smoke goes through a "frit diffuser", a porose filter which consists of small glass grains melted together, which some claim is even more effective than HoneyComb diffusers. After entering the second smoke chamber, the smoke travels up further and is then filtered by the quad-drum percolator. Needless to say, when the smoke exits the bong through the mouthpiece, it is exceptionally well-filtered, smooth and easy to inhale. Harmful substances are washed out, but the smoke is still just as effective as when it entered the downstem! 

This bong is made of borosilicate glass or "tough glass". Bongify only sells genuine Black Leaf bongs.

About The 'Black Leaf' Glass Bong with Frit & Drum Percolator

  • Glass Bong
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 36 Centimeters
  • Grind: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Frit Diffuser Disk
  • Drum Percolator
  • Glass Bowl Included 
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