Black Leaf Reclaim Catcher for Dabbing

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This Black Leaf Reclaim Catcher for Dabbing is a very useful accessory for dabbing. As (almost) every dabber has already noticed, a little of the precious oil or wax is always lost when dabbing with an oil rig - either it ends up in the bong water or is deposited on the pipe wall. In both cases, you lose unused concentrate.

What is a reclaim catcher? The reclaim catcher or collector is an easy remedy for lost concentrate: Simply inserted like an adapter between the oil bowl/banger and the chillum or directly into the bong bowl, it catches the leftover extract that has not evaporated in the silicone tray. The tray can be easily removed to reuse the collected remnant of the dab, the so-called reclaim. An added advantage of reclaim catchers is that it keeps the dab rig cleaner, because less impurities reach the inside of the rig. As a result, you'll need to clean the dab rig less often.

How does a reclaim catcher work? The concentrate that passes through the banger in liquid form (either as splashes or simply drawn into the banger) normally ends up inside the bong or dab rig. The reclaim collector sits between the banger and the rig, and therefore catches both the liquid honey and the vapour that condenses, so that you can collect it from the dish. Especially low temp dabbers or people who love cold starts will benefit from using a reclaim collector, because these styles of inhaling concentrates tend to produce more reclaim.

How to use a reclaim catcher? This reclaim catcher with silicone dish is especially easy to use, because the silicone dish is non-stick material and the inside of the catcher is easy to access. Therefore, it is very easy to collect your concentrate and store it in a silicone container (or dab it straight away). But it can also be used as a precooler! Simply fill it with water, and the smoke will be cooled and filtered before it enters the bong.

Do you need a reclaim catcher? That depends on your needs: a reclaim catchers primary function is to avoid losing concentrate and increase efficiëncy, but it does not alter or improve the dabbing experience itself. So, are reclaim catchers worth it? If you want to spend less money on buying new wax, it is definitely worth it. One more good reason to use a reclaim catcher (just like a precooler or ash catcher) is that the hot banger is a little further away from your face, which is not only more comfortable but actually safer as well.

So, what can I do with reclaimed concentrate? Can you smoke reclaim or make edibles from reclaim? Yes! You can do both. The reclaimed concentrate is often even more potent than before. The only downside to reclaimed concentrate is that the flavour is often less pure, so some people don't like the flavour of dabbing it again. In that case, simply use the reclaimed dabs to make edibles.

This Honey Reclaim Catcher by the famous German bong brand Black Leaf is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which makes it very strong and durable. It is also resistant to high temperatures, so you can clean it with hot water. This is a 90 degree angle reclaim catcher with two 14,5mm (SG14) connections or "joints". That makes it suitable for most bongs and dab rigs. A versatile dab rig part that should be in every dabber's collection.

Bongify only sells ORIGINAL Black Leaf Reclaim Catchers made of genuine borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. Buy directly from the #1 Bong Shop and your trusted Black Leaf dealer.

About The Black Leaf Reclaim Catcher for Dabbing

  • Oil Catcher for Dabbing (Dab Catcher)
  • For Saving And Re-Using Dabs
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Made by Black Leaf (With BL Logo)
  • Joint Size: 2x 14,5mm (SG14)
  • Angle: 90 Degrees
  • With Silicone Dish
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