'Black Leaf T2' Titanium Sidearm Nail

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The 'Black Leaf T2' Titanium Sidearm Nail is a high quality oil nail made of heat-resistant titaniun "grade 2". A great feature of this titanium oil nail is that it fits on both SG14 (14,5mm) and SG19 (18,8mm) oil rigs and bongs with male grinding. We also have a different version of this titanium oil nail for sale which fits on all SG14F (14,5mm female) and SG19F (18.8mm female) bongs.

Titanium is the most preferred material when it comes to dabbing: it is almost unbreakable, it heats up quickly, and it keeps the heat for a long time. Because the oil nail sticks out to the side, it is much easier to heat the nail keep the heat away from the bong. This prevents the glass grinding on the bong from breaking due to expansion of the glass, because the glass simply doesn't get as hot. The T2 Titanium dabbers are so durable, Black Leaf has branded them as "Life Long" products.

How does it work? The titanium dab nails work basically the same as every other dabber or banger. Heat the titanium with a torch lighter, let the nail cool down a little bit until the glowing disappears, and then add your wax, concentrate or dabs to the oil pan using a respectable dabbing tool. You can also use a carb cap dabber to prevent the precious vapour from escaping. Buy this Black Leaf T2 Titanium Sidearm Nail directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!

This is a genuine Black Leaf product.

Attention: The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.


About The 'Black Leaf T2' Titanium Sidearm Nail

  • Domeless Titanium Sidearm Nail Dabber
  • Made of heat-resistant "Titanium Grade 2"
  • Grind: SG14F / SG19F (14.5/18.8mm female)
  • With "Black Leaf T2" print
  • Length: 46mm | Width: 61mm
  • Made by Black Leaf
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