'Black Leaf' 'Windmill Percolator' Ice Bong 'Smoke Generator'

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The 'Black Leaf' 'Windmill Percolator' Ice Bong 'Smoke Generator' is a glass bong with a unique feature: the little windmill inside the bong starts spinning when you take a draw, and creates a cool visual effect!

With a perfect height of 35 centimeters, the Black Leaf Windmill Bong is a very nice piece to smoke. The ice spikes just above the windmill are there to hold ice cubes to increase the cooling and the quality of the smoke, but also to protect the windmill diffuser. The glass wall of the bong has a thickness of half a centimeter, which is plenty to be considered a durable bong. It comes with a bowl for dry flowers, equipped with a roll-stopper, with an attachment of 18,8mm (SG19). The bowl goes straight into the almost oversized downstem that's fixed to the bong. Because the round foot offer plenty of stability for this bong, it can be upgraded with an oil bowl, dabbing nail or banger to transform the Smoke Generator bong into a true dab rig!

This Icebong has a completely new way to energise and diffuse the smoke. Not only, is the down-pipe redundant, because the large 'Roll-Stop' bong bowl inserts directly into the flue, but the 'Smoke Generator' acts like a water-wheel and is spun by the smoke flowing up from the water-chamber, via a small hole in the glass disk, which separates the upper and lower chambers. The flue has a reinforced angled inlet with a sure ground SG 19 fitting and two inlet pipes. The swirling and cooling make the smoke very smooth and pleasant. Impurities are filtered and left in the bong. 


About The 'Black Leaf' 'Windmill Percolator' Ice Bong 'Smoke Generator'

  • Glass Bong
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Windmill Diffuser
  • 18,8mm (SG19) bowl
  • Height: 35 centimeters
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
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