Blaze Glass 'Amphore3' Multi-Level Glass Bong

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The beautifully shaped Blaze Glass 'Amphore3' Multi-Level Glass Bong is an absolute eyecatcher that represents smoking luxury in every way possible: thick borosilicate glass, clever filtration, great stability and most of all: an absolutely gorgeous design that will transform any room into a high-end smoker's lounge.

Like all other bongs from the German company Blaze Glass, this Amphore3 bong with Drum Percolator offers the highest level of smoking luxury at an affordable price. And it's not just its appearance with a beautiful Silver Blaze Glass logo; thanks to the effective design of this Blaze bong, it cools and filters the smoke exceptionally well - resulting in a super smooth, cool and tasty bong hit.

The smoke enters the bong through the fixed SG14 (14,5mm) bowl socket. Thanks to the universal socket size or joint size, you can also equip it with any bowl, precooler, ash catcher or even carbon filter adapter for bongs. Not that this bong needs any upgrades, though: the smoke first passes through the inner pipe, where it is spread into the lower smoke chamber through the drum percolator. Then it passes up through the 6 outer pipes (cooling it even further), into the upper chamber. If any water makes it up into the second chamber (or if you've filled it with a lot of water, which is possible without any issues with this bong), the splash guard makes sure that not a single drop can get into the mouthpiece or even into your mouth.

Cleaning this bong might seem a little complicated, but actually, it's not. All you need is some bong cleaner powder and hot water, give it a good shake, and you easily flush out all of the dirt that may have stuck to the glass. Or, to make it even easier, add some Limpuro tar blocker for bongs to the water, to prevent the dirt from sticking to the glass and to simply rinse out all of the gunk when you replace the bong water.

This bong has a medium height of 28 centimeters, and has an ergonomically designed mouthpiece. Because it is slightly bent, you can sit down while smoking instead of having to stand up over the bong. Thanks to the large round glass foot, the bong has plenty of stability and can therefore be upgraded with fairly heavy pre-coolers or ash catchers without falling over. Because it has no kickhole (or carbhole), the included bowl has a glass "lift-off "handle which lets you easily lift up the bowl while smoking to clear the bong. The handle also functions as a roll-stopper, when you put the bowl down on a table. Simply a fantastic bong that has everything a stylish stoner might want.

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About The Blaze Glass 'Amphore3' Multi-Level Glass Bong

  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Brand: Blaze Glass
  • Model: Amphore3
  • Joint Size: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Height: 28 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 50/20 Millimeters
  • No Kickhole / Carbhole
  • With Splash Guard
  • Herb Bowl Included (with handle)
  • With Blaze Glass logo
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