Blaze Glass Bong Bowl with Glass Screen (SG14) Blue

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This fine little Blaze Glass Bong Bowl with Glass Screen (SG14) Blue is an excellent bowl for your bong. Thanks to the handy handle, it is almost impossible to burn your fingers on the hot glass while smoking. This is one of the better bong bowls to burn your precious herbs in. Made by the renowned German brand Blaze Glass, this bong bowl is produced from the strong, durable and well-known borosilicate glass (Scientific Glass).

Borosilicate glass is one of the strongest types of glass of which bong bowls are produced. They often won’t break on the slightest impact, as opposed to regular glass (soft glass) bong bowls. Partly thanks to the hard surface of this glass, the bowl is very easy to keep clean. There are some cleaning accessories available on our webshop to make your life much easier and clean it quickly and effectively.

The Blaze Glass Bong Bowl is a true innovation for its size. The handle serves as a safety feature: it prevents the bowl from rolling off a table or desk when it’s not inserted into the bong. And most importantly: no broken glass on the floor or in your foot. But perhaps best of all is the integrated glass bong screen to prevent your herbs from getting sucked into the bong or downstem. That means: just grind your herbs and throw them in! Because there is no need for metal bong screens, the flavour of your herbs stays at its best.

The Blaze Glass Bong Bowl has an (SG14) 14,5mm attachment. This means that the Blaze Glass Bong Bowl can be used on nearly any bong with an SG14 (14,5mm) “standard grind” or “sure grind”.

Take note: this is a bong bowl / head for herbs, and cannot be used for smoking herbs without a corresponding bong or pipe.


We only sell genuine Black Leaf bong bowls.


Blaze Glass Bong Bowl with Glass Screen Blue (SG14):

  • Made of strong borosilicate glass
  • Attachment: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Colour: Blue
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Integrated Glass Screen
  • Equipped with Glass Handle
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