'Blaze Glass' Cylinder Ice Bong 6-Arm Percolator

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The 'Blaze Glass' Cylinder Ice Bong 6-Arm Percolator from our premium brand Blaze Glass is a handmade luxurious bong from the finest borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex). This percolator bong is not only very nice to smoke, but it looks very imposing as well. That's not only thanks to the fairly large size, but mostly because of the superior level of finishing. The 6-arm tree percolator provides very good cooling and filtration of the smoke, by exposing it to a larger surface area of water. This doesn't just make it smoother so that you can take much larger bong hits, but it also filters the smoke of many unwanted particles (such as tar) that you'd rather not inhale. This bong is also fitted with a diffuser downstem, that divides the smoke bubbles into many smaller ones. This makes the bong more silent, gives it better airflow, and enables the water to do its job more effectively (cool and filter the smoke). The 6-arm percolator makes the cooling even more effective, and also gives the bong a very nice appearance. After the percolator, the smoke travel up through the splash guard, which prevents any splahes of water from getting into your mouth. Just above the splash guard are three ice spikes, which are meant to hold ice cubes. Although you definitely don't need them, they are an excellent addition to the smoothness of the smoke. 

The bong bowl has an integrated glass bong screen, and the kickhole (also known as a carbhole) can be closed off using the included rubber plug for easy cleaning. The bong is 44 centimeters tall, and is very robust and durable thanks to the wall thickness of 5 millimeters. The bong has an SG19 (18,8mm) fitting for the downstem, and an SG14 (14,5mm) bowl. The Blaze Glass logo is applied on the neck of the bong by sandblasting. This high quality percolator bong comes in a stylish gift box. 

Bongify only sells genuine Blaze Glass bongs. Buy this 'Blaze Glass' Cylinder Ice Bong 6-Arm Percolator directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!


About The 'Blaze Glass' Cylinder Ice Bong 6-Arm Percolator

  • Beautiful bong from "Blaze Glass"
  • Handmade of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Equipped with 6-arm tree percolator
  • With "Splash Guard" Dome
  • Ice Spikes for Ice Cubes (Ice Bong)
  • Bowl With Integrated Glass Screen and Handle
  • Secure Attachment thanks to the Bong Clip
  • Kickhole with Rubber Plug for Easy Cleaning
  • Sandblasted "Blaze Glass" logo
  • Very Robust: 5mm Thick Glass
  • 44 centimeters tall
  • SG19 downstem with SG14 bowl (18,8mm/14,5mm)
  • Comes in a stylish Blaze Glass gift box
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