Hookah Juice (Turn Weed Into Shisha)

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Turn your weed or other herbs into tobacco-free shisha (mix the juice with your herbs to turn it into “shisha tobacco”). Grind your herbs, put them into the container, mix with the Hookah Juice, and smoke it in your hookah/shisha!

One container contains 6 grams. This is sufficient for 3-6 grams of marijuana (the perfect amount for 1 shisha bowl).

You know how the fruity shisha tobacco (hookah tobacco, also known als "molasses" or "melaza") is always kind of wet? This is because of the additives that make the hookah burn for a very long time (without replacing the tobacco), and at the same time generate huge clouds of thick smoke. But why not smoke marijuana in a hookah the same way? If you simply put some dry weed into the hookah bowl, it will burn up in just a few minutes and become way too hot to be smoked enjoyably. But if you mix your weed with some Hookah Juice, it will burn and smoke just like normal shisha tobacco... but it will be tobacco-free, and it will taste like pure weed!

Hookah Juice comes in a plastic container that you can use to fill the herbs with the hookah juice. No other materials are needed whatsoever, only perhaps a mixing spoon if you prefer not to use your hands.

Hookah Juice can also be used to make your vaping session last longer, and for vaping bigger clouds (works especially well with a butane vaporizer like a DynaVap, Vapman or Sticky Brick).


About Hookah Juice

  • Turn weed into shisha
  • In plastic mixing container
  • Made in the Netherlands (EU)
  • Contains glycerine, molasses, and honey
  • 6 grams of Hookah Juice per unit
  • For 3-6 grams of weed/herbs
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