Blaze 'Mälstrom' Bong Small

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The Blaze Mälstrom bong small is a miniature version of the Blaze Glass Mälstrom bong. In essence, this bong offers a similar aesthetic appearance and functionality of its bigger brother. Added to the functionality of this cool bong is its portability. Due to the size of the Blaze Maelstrom Bong small, you can easily carry it with you from place to place.

This water pipe is made from the finest quality of borosilicate glass, and the high level of finishing gives you a cool, smooth feel on the lips. At the top of the chamber is a perforated cone percolator, which serves a double function to give the water a nice swirl pattern when you pull from the mouthpiece, and also to cool down and filter out certain impurities from the smoke. The bowl of this exquisite yet portable bong is sculpted with a convenient handle, which allows you remove it and replace it seamlessly and without burning your fingers. This cool bong features a universal SG14 (14,5mm) joint, and integrated into the bowl at the top of the joint is a glass screen that prevents herbs from getting sucked into the smoke chamber.

The mouthpiece on this cool bong is thick, rounded, and wide enough to give you enough air passage when you pull. The smoke tube is further sculpted to act as a splash guard by preventing the water in the bong chamber from going up into your mouth when you pull hard. The way the smoke tube is angled further makes it very convenient to use, as you do not need to stand up in order to take a hit, but it also helps to keep the lighter further away from your face while inhaling.

Built to be firm and sturdy despite its delicate and aesthetically pleasing appearance, this cool bong is set on a thick, flat glass base, which prevents it from slipping and toppling over. The base also gives you a firm grip either when holding it or using it on a surface.

This bong is a great choice for outside use because it's so portable. It is also quite convenient to carry around from place to place if you are one who leads a non-sedentary lifestyle. If you treat this bong carefully, the strong borosilicate glass will ensure a very long lifespan.

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About The Blaze Mälstrom Bong Small

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Manufacturer: Blaze Glass
  • Color: Clear
  • Print: Blaze Malstrom
  • Height: 195 mm
  • Diameter: 50/16 mm
  • Grind: SG 14 (14,5mm)
  • Wall thickness: 3 – 4 mm
  • Percolator/diffusor: cone percolator
  • Oil: No
  • Ice: No
  • Kickhole: No
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