'Blaze' Recycle Bong for Herbs & Oil with Carb Cap

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With this 'Blaze' Recycle Bong for Herbs & Oil with Carb Cap you can truly smoke in style, whether it be dry herbs or your favourite concentrate for dabbing. This pipe has everything you need and more, is made of the finest and most durable borosilicate glass, and as always the highest level of finishing by the affordable luxury brand Blaze Glass.

Welcome to 2020! This bong really marks what the stoner community has achieved over the last decade, by providing you with an unmatched smoking experience that is a real pleasure to both your eyes and lungs. This bong is great for smoking dry herbs thanks to the included lift-off bowl, but it's just as good or even better for "dabbing" your tasty concentrates! The included dabbing banger is used to vaporize your BHO (or other forms of concentrates, such as rosin), and you get the absolute best out of your oil thanks to the included carb cap and terp pearls. Even at low temperatures, to save the flavour of your dabs as well as your lungs!

So how does it work, dabbing with the terp pearls and carb cap? We know that it all looks very advanced, but in reality dabbing is quite simple. First put the terp pearls into the banger, then heat the bottom of the banger with a jet burner. After a short time of cooling down, the extract can be added to the banger using a proper dab tool (a.k.a. dabber). Now inhale while the smoke develops, and enjoy! The banger has a large capacity for big dabs, and for allowing the included terp pearls to rotate strongly. This allows the dabs to develop their full aroma at a slightly lower temperature. The glass pearls spin around in the banger, and spread the heat optimally. A matching carb cap for effectively reducing the airflow and therefore maximizing the smoke development is included with this bong / dab rig.

But not only the accessories are of the finest quality: the pipe itself is made of the absolute best glass available by experienced glassworking veterans. Real German quality by Blaze Glass. The elegant keg percolator inside the bong makes the pipe water bubble properly. This cools and filters the smoke. And in addition, this glass pipe has a recycling function, whereby the raised water flows back into the water chamber again and again, enriched with fresh oxygen each time. Further pollutants are filtered out and settle on the bong wall. By the way, these can easily be removed without residue with a good bong cleaner.

The pipe made of borosilicate glass is super robust and stable, and inhalation is also very pleasant due to the slightly wider rim of the mouthpiece. The lower part of the neck functions as a splash guard, so that not a single drop of water will be able to make it into your mouth while smoking. The icing on the cake is a spiral pattern in the bong base which gives this awesome bubbler a very premium and high-class look.


About The 'Blaze' Recycle Bong for Herbs & Oil with Carb Cap

  • Both For Herbs & Dabbing
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 21 Centimeters
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Connection: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • With Keg Diffuser
  • With Recycle Chamber
  • Lift-Off Bowl for Dry Herbs Included
  • Banger + Carb Cap + Terp Pearls Included
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