Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs are bongs in the shape of an Erlenmeyer flask, the famous cone-shaped laboratory glasses used in all kinds of chemistry experiments. The name "beaker bongs" comes from the American name for this device, and is mainly used in the United States.

The advantages of beaker bongs are that they can generally hold a lot of water which improves cooling and filtration of the smoke, and their simple design often makes them easy to clean. Thanks to the large capacity, not only more water, but also more smoke fits in the bong. So you can take bigger bong hits. The cone shape provides a robust structure so that the bong lasts a long time and does not break easily, especially when they are made of borosilicate glass. Thanks to the large flat bottom, beaker bongs are usually very stable, so you can easily upgrade them with a precooler or ash catcher. Beaker Bongs are available in various sizes, usually 25 to 60 centimeters in length. The thickness of the glass also varies: for a strong glass beaker bong it is best to look for a bong made of borosilicate glass with a glass thickness of 7 or 9 millimeters.

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