Amsterdam Ice Bong 'Rasta' with Dome Percolator

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This is a very nice piece of glass from the heart of Amsterdam; namely the Amsterdam Ice Bong in Rasta colors. This Dome Percolator Ice Bong from Amsterdam Bongs is a cool looking bong with a beautiful design.

This bong offers, as you can expect from us, a very good price / quality ratio. It is equipped with a dome percolator. You fill this with water for a second layer of cooling and filtration. It works, simply put, by means of a glass pipe with a dome (dome) over it. This refines the smoke to make it more enjoyable.

This ice bong by Amsterdam Bongs (as the name suggests) is also suitable for smoking with ice cubes. By using the bong in combination with ice, you experience unbeatable cooling of the vapors. The cooling of the ice makes it a lot more pleasant to smoke and it enables you to inhale a good hit cormfortably. However, even without ice, this bong does its job very well!

For the true perfectionists among us, this bong can also be upgraded with a Pre-Cooler. A Pre-Cooler literally pre-cools the smoke and is mounted at the place of the bowl, after which it is filled with water. The smoke is gets cooled and filtered here before it even enters the bong! This keeps your bong cleaner for much longer, but even more important: the smoke is smoother and tastier! Another option is to upgrade it with a diffuser downstem.

The mouthpiece of the bong is very well finished and therefore comfortable to use. If you are looking for a good, cheap percolator bong, look no further. This Amsterdam Ice Bong Rasta with Dome Percolator is one of the best bongs you'll find for this price. Buy Amsterdam Bongs at Bongify, the # 1 Online Bong Shop in Europe!

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About the Amsterdam Ice Bong 'Rasta' With Dome Percolator:

  • Connection / Grind: SG19 (18.8mm)
  • Color of the glass: Rasta (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Imprint of the glass: AMSTERDAM XXX
  • Suitable for Ice Cubes (Ice Bong)
  • Percolator: Yes
  • Number of Percolators: 1
  • Diffuser: Dome Perc / Dome Percolator
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Height: 30 centimeters
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