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Dope Bros is a Dutch Bong and Vaporizer Brand from Amsterdam that is known for their beautiful (spiral) percolator bongs, Starlight 2 and PUG vaporizers, Amsterdam bongs and beaker bongs made of high quality borosilicate glass ("Laboratory Glass"). Bongify is your official Dope Bros dealer with only the best looking and highest quality Dope Bros bongs and accessories!

Why should you have to choose between good value for money and buying a nice bong with diffusers and/or percolators, if the Dope Bros bongs offer both at once? In short, you shouldn't! All bongs from the Dope Bros series are equipped with HoneyComb discs, Ice Notches or Diffuser Downstems, and are available at the price of cheap bongs. Basically, in this price range Dope Bros might be the real king. And another important point is the design, at which Dope Bros really excels: all bongs are true eye catchers that aren't only good for pleasing your lungs, but also make for great decorative pieces!

Dab Rigs and Oil Bongs are unfortunately not a part of the Dope Bros range, but that is no issue! Have a look at our dabbing accessories / oil nails to find anything you need to upgrade these bongs into real oil bongs for enjoying the best concentrates!

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