Dope Bros 'Hammer Series' Amsterdam Bong (Green)

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This Dope Bros 'Hammer Series' Amsterdam Bong is a real all-rounder made of the extremely strong borosilicate glass. Whether you smoke the bong once a month or several times a day, this Amsterdam Bong from the Hammer Series by Dope Bros is suitable for everyone!

This is an ice bong, which means that you can fill the bong with ice cubes. That is what the notches in the glass are meant for; they hold the ice in place in the neck of the bong, above the water. The melting ice water also cools down the bong water in the water chamber. The ice makes the smoke cooler and softer on the throat. But that does not mean that you HAVE to fill the bong with ice; it works perfectly well with only water.

Thanks to the Diffuser Downstem (the downpipe with 6 slots at the bottom), the smoke is spread through the water very well, and you get much more bubbles than with a normal downstem. The surface area of ​​the smoke that is exposed to the water is much larger, so that the water can do its job more effectively, namely: cooling, filtering and softening the smoke. The water in the bong makes the smoke a lot more pleasant to inhale, and ensures that you don't have to cough as quickly so you can breathe in huge amounts of smoke. But the bong water also makes the smoke purer by partially filtering out unwanted particles (such as tar) from the smoke. These remain in the water, and therefore do not end up in your lungs!

The thick glass makes this a durable bong that can take a (small) impact. It is also suitable for rinsing under the hot tap due to the heat resistance of the glass, and due to the hard surface your bong will not easily suffer damage from scratches. The tremendously thick glass base is an impressive piece of glass art, which shows that more is sometimes better. The SG19 (18.8mm) connection of the downstem is also very sturdy and will not break easily with normal use of the bong. Often this connection is a weak point, but because of the thick glass that is no problem with this bong.

The carbhole (air hole) can be closed with the included rubber plug: this way you can choose whether or not you want a carbhole in your bong. You can also lift the bowl by using the glass handle, as is common with American bongs. The plug also enables you to fill the bong with water and bong cleaner to clean it more easily and effectively. Ideal!

Available in Red, Green and Black

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About The Dope Bros 'Hammer Series' Amsterdam Bong (Green)

  • Straight Glass Ice Bong
  • Made by Dope Bros
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass (5mm Thick)
  • 42 Centimeters Tall
  • With Diffuser Downstem (12cm long)
  • With Ice Holders (Ice Bong)
  • Carbhole with Rubber Plug (Air Hole)
  • Connections: SG19 (18,8mm) (bowl and downstem)
  • Thick Glass Foot (22cm Thick)
  • With Dope Bros / Amsterdam logo
  • Bowl with Glass Handle Included
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