Ceramic Chillum

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This Ceramic Chillum is a beautiful classic chillum. Chillums are originally used by mostly indigenous people in india, Nepal and Jamaica, but are getting more and more popular in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands and many other countries in the western world.

The simple yet beautiful design and high quality material have only one purpose: to make this chillum the most pleasant, best tasting and most robust chillum you can find for this price. Although it may be cheap, it surely doesn't look cheap. This handmade chillum for smoking weed, hash / hashish or tobacco is 16 centimeters long. What makes this chillum unique is the beautiful design. It's recommended to use a damp cloth on the end when smoking the chillum, to make it easier to smoke, cool the smoke to make it more comfortable and be able to smoke larger chillum hits.

A free chillum stone is included, so there's no need to buy a chillum stone. Take it out of the protective bag and you're ready to smoke a chillum!


  • Ceramic Chillum
  • Very Nice Smoke Flavour
  • Comes in Protective Back
  • Chillum Stone Included
  • Length: 16 Centimeters
  • Beautiful, Classic Design
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