Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam | Review

Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam is located in the south of Amsterdam, further away from the central train station than most coffeeshops in the city. Is this coffeeshop any good? How friendly is the staff, and do you get a lot of value for your money? Read all about it in this review of coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam, where we share our opinion on the coffeeshop menu and all the other important aspects of a coffeeshop.


Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam


Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam - menu

Below you find the menu of the DNA coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The picture was taken in September 2020. Although the menu changes often, the prices and quantity of different varieties are normally about the same.

The menu can be found on various screens in the coffeeshop, right in front of you while ordering. This makes it easy to see exactly what you can buy, and because the effect and flavour are also mentioned it might be a little easier to choose than in some other coffeeshops. As the DNA coffeeshop is part of the "Amsterdam Genetics" chain, like the Boerejongens coffeeshop and several others in Amsterdam, some of the Amsterdam Genetics' own strains can be found on the menu as well.

As you can see, the DNA coffeeshop has quite a few interesting choices. The menu has 6 categories: Indica and Sativa (weed), Cake (edibles), Hash, Joints, and Drinks. Interestingly enough the drinks menu was empty, perhaps because it wasn't possible to smoke indoors due to the coronavirus situation. Normally you can smoke indoors, although the smoking area is small and you need to smoke standing up as there are no seats.

With 12 varieties of weed, there is plenty to choose from. But also 7 varieties of hash and 9 different pre-rolled joints! This is more than most coffeeshops in the Netherlands.


Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam Menu

The weed at Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam

Here you can see the weed that we bought when we visited the DNA coffeeshop. On the left there is a bag of Blueberry Haze HG, and on the right Limoncello Haze.

Is the weed any good? Obviously we cannot give our opinion on every single variety that the coffeeshop has for sale, but we can give our opinion on the two varieties that we bought. We bought these strains after asking the budtender what he would recommend us. For the price that we paid, we were happy with the weed. Both varietes looked attractive, and the Blueberry Haze had a very good smell. But the Limoncello had nearly no smell at all, and also barely any taste. That was a little disappointing. The same goes for the effect: the Blueberry Haze had a fairly strong effect, but the Limoncello much less. All in all, we got what we paid for, but it's not the strongest weed that you can find in Amsterdam.

One cool thing at the DNA in Amsterdam is that all weed is sold in environmentally friendly bags!

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam Weed

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam - no free papers


DNA Coffeeshop Amsterdam - address and opening hours

Address/ location: Achillesstraat 104, 1076 RH Amsterdam

Opening times: every day from 9:00 to 01:00


DNA Coffeeshop Amsterdam - pros and cons


  • Easily accessible by car and possible to park in front
  • Friendly staff that lets you see the weed before buying
  • Clear menu with plenty of choice (also edibles)
  • Very fair prices, especially compared to other coffeeshops in Amsterdam
  • Possible to smoke in the coffeeshop (currently not because of the coronavirus)


  • Not all the weed is very strong and/or has a strong smell and taste
  • No free rolling papers and filter tips
  • Far away from the central station on foot


Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam - worth it, or not?

To conclude, should you visit the DNA coffeeshop in Amsterdam? We say yes! They may not always have the strongest weed, but at times they have some very good weed at very fair prices. Especially if you are in Amsterdam by car and you're looking to quickly buy some weed, this is the place to go to. 

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