Coffeeshop Relax in Amsterdam (Review)

Coffeeshop Relax in Amsterdam is perhaps not the most famous coffeeshop in the city, but it's definitely quite popular. During my visit to Amsterdam, I knew that I had to stop by Coffeeshop Relax and try out some of the new winners of the 2020 High Life Cup.


Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam


In this years High Life Cup they have won prizes for:

  • First place: Relax Balls
  • First place for best hash
  • Second place: Bio Haze
  • Second place: Silver Haze
  • Third place: Amazone Kush
  • Third place: Relax CBD

Needless to say a coffeeshop with a great reputation for great cannabis.


Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam: Overall Experience

A 15 minute walk from the Amsterdam Centraal station, the area is filled with coffeeshops and head shops. As I got closer to coffeeshop relax, I realized a few people outside lining up for this particular coffeeshop though surrounded with many other options.

As I entered the store, the atmosphere with all the furniture and the hanging lights struck me.

The store had a design style that was matched throughout the store and looked to be a great place to smoke.

Unfortunately when I visited, it was limited to take away only due to the COVID pandemic.

Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam Table


The table has some of the products moulded into the table to showcase.

Volcano Vaporizers and smoking herbs were also available.


Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam TV


The TV showcases the deals available for that day with great discounts (around 1-2.5 euro per gram).

Though the deals were great, I was mainly interested in a particular product I saw on their Instagram page. Their instagram contains great videos and photos of their best products with more information available on the website.


All of the weed and hashish available in Coffeeshop Relax are tested in laboratories for components such as pesticides and the levels of THC and CBD are also determined in those tests. The data helps you understand what you're smoking making it much safer.

The website contains all the lab data and the effects of each of their product with a quick overview. If you're still interested in more information, PDF documents of lab results are available below each strain. I haven't seen another coffeeshops put as much effort into their website and social and is one of the reasons I love this coffeeshop.


Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam: Quality of Weed

During my visit, I purchased two of their products.


Relax Balls; a powerful combination of Platinum Sherbet hash, Nicole Kush concentrate and Amnesia Dry Sift (Kief van Hash).

The Relax Ball weighed 1 gram and was one of the strongest hash products I have tried. I personally recommend using it at night before sleeping as it put me instantly to sleep though I usually have trouble falling asleep.

Breaking down the Relax Ball using the 'ZenPen' hash grinder, each layer is apparent and smoking it allows you to further experience each of the 3 components, each with their own flavour profiles. Though the Coffeeshop Relax website states flavour profiles of pungent and citrus, I felt that sweetness was the strongest taste that I experienced.

The product exceeded the expectations that I had for being a Cannabis Cup winner and can see myself coming back for more.

The second product I purchased was the S5 Amnesia Haze. Though Amnesia is available in any coffeeshop in the Netherlands, the quality varies.

While deciding on which strain to get, the budtender pulled out the Silver Haze and the S5 recommending both but after smelling the S5, I knew I had to try it. Similar to any Amnesia, it had a lemon and citrus like smell but much more intensity. Just by looking at the photo of the bud, the density of the trichomes are also very apparent.

This specific Amnesia I had was one of the best Amnesias I've ever tried. The bud was insanely sticky as I was able to stick back the nugget after breaking it into pieces. The effect is similar to any other amnesia but amplified with the earthy, citrus like taste having a much bigger punch.


Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam Menu

Up to date menu is available on their website.


Closing Remarks

Coffeeshop Relax offers great cannabis, information, and coffee. What more could you ever ask for? Being able to know what you are smoking with lab reports of each strain in the coffeeshop is something I wish more coffeeshops started doing. Knowledgeable staff that explains and shows you would like to know, and a great location near the Centraal Station are also reasons that I believe that Coffee shop Relax is one of the top Coffeeshops in Amsterdam and has been added to my list of coffeeshops that are a must visit.

Reading other reviews of Coffeeshop Relax, many recommend their array of edibles and pre-rolls which has me very excited for my next visit.


Coffeeshop Relax COVID

Coffeeshop Relax Inside

Coffeeshop Relax Moon Balls Moonrocks

Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam Moonrocks

Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam Seats

Coffeeshop Relax Amsterdam S5 Amnesia Haze

Coffeeshop Relax Website




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