Coffeeshop "Smokey" The Hague

Coffeeshop Smokey The Hague was established in 1983 and is now one of the most well known coffeeshop in the city.


Coffeeshop Smokey The Hague


Overall Experience

Located in the city centre and next to the Bierkade tram stop, Coffeeshop Smokey was one of the very first coffeeshops I visited when I first arrived in the Hague and was definitely one of my more frequently visited coffeeshops in the Hague.

As you walk inside, the bright orange lights and walls surround you and notice the large interiors of this coffeeshop. Coffeeshop Smokey is one of the larger coffeeshops in the Hague as they have Pool tables, Gaming rooms, and countless seats inside which are unfortunately unavailable due to the CO-VID Pandemic. I was also told that there was great coffee that pairs perfectly with the cannabis.

All staff at Smokey are female except the security guard and all the workers I've gotten to know are very informative about cannabis and are very kind. I can also guarantee you that the security guard will get you laughing as he loves banter and is a very likeable person.

For this specific visit, I was recommended a strain from a friend so I decided to try the "White Amnesia".

After a bud is weighed, it is stored in a box to minimize contact and maximize hygiene standards. I personally enjoy these boxes very much as it has a bit of personality with the engraved Smokey logo and is more pleasing compared to zip lock bags.

All strains are packaged in boxes and are all a fixed price. Depending on the strain, the amount is differentiated. I personally found it confusing the first few times trying to figure out the price per gram but slowly started getting used to it. I've seen reviews of people not getting the amount that they were promised but wasn't a problem for me as it weighed 2 grams exactly.

Coffeeshop Smokey might do deals best in the Hague. Usually there would be a deal every Wednesday for hash (3.5g for €10) but due to CO-VID, it sadly isn't available. Currently the only deal available is a 2 gram for €10, which I do get often. It does tend to get busy on these days but should be available throughout the day.


Quality of Weed

The "White Amnesia" is a Sativa dominant Hybrid and was a rollercoaster of a strain. A few quick puffs immediately sends you flying and is left sitting around dazed and unfocused while feeling uplifted. Covered in trichomes and a sweet and citrus-like odour, a great strain and strongly recommended.

Smokey continues to set high standards for their cannabis and keeps me excited to try out more of their weed.


White Amnesia Smokey CoffeeshopWhite Amnesia


Closing Remarks

Coffeeshop Smokey is a coffeeshop that has a history of 37 years for a reason; It's a great coffee shop that offers quality weed, and implements unique ideas and changes to ensure a great experience for the consumers. Amazing People, amazing weed, and amazing place, I can't wait to be able to smoke inside and experience more of this coffee shop.

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