Diffuser-Downstem 14,5mm

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This Diffuser-Downstem 14,5mm is a high quality bong downstem made by the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf. This robust downstem is made of high grade borosilicate glass, and has two 14,5mm (SG14) "standard grinding" attachments, one for the bowl (or pre-cooler, ash catcher etc.) and one for the bong. On the bottom of the downstem there are 6 "diffuser slits" through which the smoke enters the water chamber. Whereas this downstem has six slits instead of just one big opening, the smoke is spread through the water much better, which enables the water to cool and filter the smoke much more effectively! For you this means: much bigger bong hits, less coughing and more smoking comfort! Although the price makes this a cheap downstem, it is really a high quality piece that is no less good than the more expensive downstems on the market. A diffuser downstem is a fantastic upgrade for your bong if it's not currently equipped with one yet. Bongify is very happy to offer you this genuine Black Leaf Diffuser Downstem. Real German quality!

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These downstems are available in three different lengths: 12 centimeters, 14 centimeters, and 16 centimeters. The length is measured from the top edge of the lower "standard grinding" attachment.


About The Diffuser-Downstem 14,5mm

  • Diffuser Downstem
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • 14,5mm Standard Grinding Attachments (SG14)
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Equipped with 6 Diffuser Slits
  • Available in Three Different Lengths
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