Flask Bong Ice with 8-Arm Tree Percolator

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This Flask Bong Ice with 8-Arm Tree Percolator is handmade of the best borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a great material for producing bongs, whereas it is very strong and has a high resistance to heat and scratching. Borosilicate glass is also used for producing oven dishes under the brand name "Pyrex" and is known for being very durable. The glass of this 42 centimeters tall percolator bong is 3 millimeters thick. The bong has a universal SG19 (18,8mm) "sure grind" fitting for downstems, but there's no need in replacing the included diffuser downstem. The diffuser downstem is responsible for a few things: it enables the water to cool the smoke better, it increases airflow which increases smoking comfort, and it reduces the level of sound that the bong water makes by splitting the larger smoke bubbles into many smaller ones. But the most important part of this bong is of course the 8-arm tree percolator. The percolator cools and filters the smoke, making it much smoother and more tasty without reducing the effectiveness. You can also fill this bong with ice cubes and use it as an ice bong. The diffuser downstem, percolator and ice cubes combined are sure to give you an incredibly smooth bong hit. This bong is not equipped with a kickhole or carbhole, but the glass handle on the bowl enables you to easily lift the bowl out of the bong in order to simulate the carbhole effect. This is simply a gorgeous, neutral bong that everyone will love to smoke.


About The Flask Bong Ice with 8-Arm Tree Percolator

  • Percolator Bong / Ice Bong
  • Height: 42 centimeters
  • Diameter: 120/50 mm
  • Grind / Socket: SG 19/14 (14,5mm bowl, 18,8mm downstem)
  • 3mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • With Ice Notches for Ice Cubes
  • Diffuser Downstem included (138mm length)
  • Glass Bowl with Handle Included
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