Glass Bong Screens

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These Glass Bong Screens are mechanical filters that can be used instead of the regular metal bong screens in the bowl. The Glass Bong Screens prevent your herbs, tobacco or ashes from falling through the bowl into the bong water. The screens are made of glass in various colours with a diameter of 9-11mm. One great thing about the glass bong screens is that they can be cleaned after use, and re-used endlessly! Why would you buy metal bong gauzes or screens, when these glass bong screens do everything you need: keeping the cannabis, ashes and herbs out of your bongs, WITHOUT adding any funky taste to the smoke? Glass bong screens are a true revolution in the world of smoking bongs, and will become more and more popular in the next few years.

Each pack contains 10 to 15 glass screens, held together by a little metal box with some protective cotton on the inside. Of course you don't need to use all glass bong screens at once, one is usually plenty!

A fantastic solution for anyone who'd rather not use metal bong screens, because glass has zero influence on the flavour of your herbs. The future of bong smoking.


About The Glass Bong Screens

  • Glass Bong Screens in metal box
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • One Pack contains 10 to 15 Screens
  • No more funky flavours!
  • Screen diameter: 9 to 11 milimeters
  • Various Colours
  • Endlessly re-usable
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