Glass Carb Cap Universal (19mm)

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This Glass Carb Cap Universal (19mm) is a must-have for anyone who likes dabbing. Combine this little beauty with a Quartz banger or thermal banger and you're set up like a real pro!

Why use a carb cap? The main reason for using carb caps is to prevent your precious oil vapour from escaping. Dabs are expensive enough, and we wouldn't want to waste any of it, right? Besides keeping the vapour of your concentrates inside the banger, it also makes the wax vaporize more efficiëntly, because it lets you control the airflow. This is a so-called "Bubble Carb Cap" or "Ball Carb Cap", because of its shape. It allows you to move the carb cap around and direct the airflow to the right spot in the thermal banger, making the most efficient use of your wax or concentrates (also called a "Directional Carb Cap"). This works exceptionally well with low temp dabs. Besides carb caps bubble shape, we also have carb cap dabbers, titanium carb caps and duck-shaped carb caps

This glass bubble carb cap is available in various colours (green, blue, transparent, amber, white and pink), and has a height of 51mm with a width of 19mm, which is the perfect size for dabbing with most Quartz bangers.


About The Glass Carb Cap Universal (19mm)

  • Universal Carb Cap
  • Made of Strong Glass
  • Length: 51mm
  • Width: 19mm
  • Various Colours
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