Glass Ice Bong with 4-arm Percolator

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This Glass Ice Bong with 4-arm Percolator from the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf is handmade from high quality borosilicate glass, which makes this bong heat and scratch resistant but also very robust. The height is 41 centimeters and the diameter is 50mm on the narrowest part and 125mm on the widest part. The connection or gravel of the downstem is SG19 (18.8mm) and the bowl SG14 (14.5mm).

Perhaps the best feature of this bong is the 4-arm tree percolator. Thanks to this percolator, the smoke is exposed to a larger surface area of water, which ensures a much better cooling and filtration of unwanted particles than if your bong does not have a percolator. In addition to the percolator, there is another component that promotes cooling and filtration, namely the downstem. The downstem in this bong is a diffuser downstem, which simply means that the smoke is not sucked through the downstem in one big bubble, but in several smaller smoke bubbles. This has almost the same effect as the tree percolator, but together they provide an even softer and milder, but certainly equally tasteful and effective smoke. The diffuser down voice is 12.5 centimeters long. Finally, this glass ice bong with 4-arm percolator has an ash catcher bowl, which ensures that almost no ash can enter your bong when you do not use a bong screen. In short, a very nice bong with the smoke of expensive percolator bongs for a very soft price and definitely a must.


  • Handmade by Black Leaf
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • 41 centimeters high
  • Diameter: 125 / 50mm
  • Grind / Connection: SG19 (18.8mm) downstem, SG14 (14.5mm) bowl
  • With 4-arm percolator
  • With ice notches
  • With diffuser down voice (125mm long)
  • Includes ash catcher bowl
  • Mild smoke, full taste
  • 3 millimeter thick glass
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