Glass Jamaica Bong 'Hangover'

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The Glass Jamaica Bong with a so-called “hangover” shape is a very well-priced glass bong. A good-looking design, a good size, and an exceptionally low price: what more do you want?

The glass of which this Glass Jamaica Bong is made is of excellent quality for its price. It is a durable bong that can last for a very long time when used normally. The quality of the bong and the glass are unprecedented in this price range.

The Glass Jamaica Bong is designed with a kickhole, or carbhole/airhole. By placing your finger on the hole, you can fill the bong with smoke. Once it is full, release your finger and inhale the smoke (“clear the bong”). With many other bongs, you need to lift the bowl before inhaling. Bongs with carbhole make this easier and safer, whereas there is no risk of burning your hand on the hot glass.

The design of this bong is simple but powerful. No unnecessary nonsense, but “beauty in simplicity”. With its green foot and the Jamaican national weapon printed on the bong, this bong looks great and nicely finished. This bong will bring you to the Jamaican jungle, or to a lovely tropical beach with white sand and clear water. Jah man!

A big advantage of the simple design of this bong is that it is exceptionally easy to clean. There are no percolators, splash guards or other annoying parts in the way when cleaning the bong, which makes it easy to reach every little corner with a bong cleaning brush. Use a bit of bong cleaner for the stubborn dirt and tar-residue, and your bong will look like new again in no-time!

For the bong-extremists among us, for whom a simple bong simply isn’t enough, there is the possibility of upgrading this bong with e.g. a diffuser downstem, an ash catcher, precooler, or perhaps even diffuser beads. This makes it possible to enhance the smoking pleasure and reduce coughing by making the smoke smoother on the throat. Although there really is no need for any of that, because this bong in itself is a nice, full-size bong that offers plenty of value for its price. Sure, additions are always fun, but this bong works great without any upgrades or extra accessories.


About The Glass Jamaica Bong 'Hangover':

  • Attachment: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Good Value For Money (Cheap Bong)
  • Shape: Bent Neck (Lean Back)
  • Glass Colour: Transparent / Green
  • Print: Jamaican National Shield
  • Height: 32 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 34mm
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