'GLASSIC' Zig Zag Bong

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This beautifully shaped Zig Zag Bong by Glassic is a well-priced bong of high quality that is able to produce tremendous smoke clouds. A real killer in this price range. The design of this piece qualifies it not only as a good, cheap bong, but also as a great decoration for your living room!

It is a simple bong, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great piece of glasswork. That is because Glassic knows what a bong needs to keep it simple and very effective. Truly beauty in simplicity!

The glass of which this Zig Zag Bong by Glassic is made, is of extremely good quality. Especially in this price category. The high quality glass ensures that this bong can easily last for many years when used normally.

The Glassic Zig Zag Bong is equipped with a so-called carbhole (kickhole/airhole). This hole enables you to draw the whole bong full of smoke in order to inhale all of it at once, without lifting the bowl or downstem out of the bong. This not only makes smoking a whole lot easier, but also takes away the pain of burning your fingers on the hot glass of the bowl, because there is no need to touch the hot bowl while smoking.

This bong can be upgraded with other bong accessories with the same “grinding” size: 18,8mm (SG19). With e.g. pre-coolers, diffuser downstems and ash catchers, the performance of this bong can be improved to maximize the smoking pleasure. Nonetheless, this bong does not really need any upgrades to perform well, whereas it has proven itself to be capable of delivering an impeccable smoking experience. 

We only sell genuine GLASSIC bongs


About The 'GLASSIC' Zig Zag Bong:

  • Attachment: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Glass Colour: Transparent
  • Print: GLASSIC logo
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Height: 50 centimeters
  • With Carbhole
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
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