Grace Glass Bong 'XL Green Frog' Pearl Series

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The Grace Glass Bong 'XL Green Frog' Pearl Series is another great piece of art from one of the most famous bong brands in the world. Because of its slightly larger size than its brother, the Grace Glass Bong Green Frog from the Pearl Series, you can fill this bong with even more delicious weed smoke.

The XL Bong with the nickname Green Frog from the Pearl Series from Grace Glass is a richly equipped bong with ice holders (ice notches). Because this Grace Glass bong is equipped with ice notches, this bong can also be used with ice. By placing ice cubes on top of the so-called "ice notches", you can inhale your precious herb-smoke even better and more refreshingly to enjoy them optimally.

This superb bong from Grace Glass is also made from the extremely strong but also very durable borosilicate glass. Because our manufacturers still use borosilicate glass to date, we as Bongify can always offer the desirable quality glass bongs at the best prices! This glass is also very heat-resistant and is resistant to small blows. (Of course, it is not intended to be thrown it if you would like your bong to last longer than a week).

At the bottom of the bowl is a long downpipe with 6 (!) outputs, which we also call a diffuser downstem. Thanks to the diffuser downstem, the smoke in the bong is distributed much better through the water before you inhale it. This ensures that the smoke can be inhaled more comfortably by making it cooler, and that the cannabis vapors are filtered more of harmful substances before they end up in your lungs (so you inhale less tar). 2 good plus points of a diffuser downstem that make this bong give you a fantastic smoking experience!

In addition to ice, you can also equip this bong with a so-called Pre-Cooler. Pre-Coolers ensure that the smoke is cooled before you inhale it. The combination of Ice and a Pre-Cooler ensures that you have the tastiest and coolest experience while smoking this wicked Grace Glass 'XL Green Frog' Bong.

We only sell ORIGINAL products from, among others: Grace Glass, Amsterdam Bongs, Hurricane Basix, Black Leaf and many other top brands!


About The Grace Glass Bong 'XL Green Frog' Pearl Series:

  • Connection/Grind: SG29 (29,2mm)
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Colour: Transparent/Green
  • Print: Grace Glass logo
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Height: 40 centimeters
  • Suitable for Ice (Ice Bong)
  • With 6-Arm Diffuser Downstem
  • Kickhole/Carbhole: No
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