Grace Glass 'Nautilus' Percolator Bong 'Labz Series'

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The Grace Glass 'Nautilus' Percolator Bong 'Labz Series' is a next-level percolator bong shaped like a submarine. The Grace Glass Nautilus Bong is made of high quality borosilicate glass: this doesn't only make the bong much stronger than "regular glass" (soft glass) bongs, but it also highly increases its heat- and scratch-resistance. Borosilicate glass is also known under the brand name "Pyrex" and is often called "Laboratory Glass" in the United States. This glass piece of art is equipped with two different diffusers: the smoke enters the water chamber through the "inline slit diffuser", the horizontal diffuser with multiple small slits that diffuses the smoke into tens of tiny smoke bubbles. This increases the surface area of the smoke, which allows the water to do its job much more effecively, cooling and filtering the smoke excellently! The result: an incredibly smooth smoke that is very comfortable upon inhalation, and with only very little (to none) coughing. But that isn't all! After this, the smoke travels up to the second smoke chamber, where it is "diffused" AGAIN by the so-called drum percolator. This percolator has the same effect as the inline slit diffuser, and increases the quality of the smoke even further. After the second percolator, the smoke is at its absolute best, ready to be inhaled through the comfortably finished mouhtpiece.

This bong does not have a carbhole (kickhole), but the included bowl has a glass handle with which you can easily lift the bowl out of the bong. This simulates the carbhole-effect, which allows you to easily draw all smoke out of the bong. The bowl is has a universal SG19 (18,8mm) attachment, so you have the possibility of fitting a different bowl or even a precooler. You can also fit an oil nail or dabbing banger on the bong to turn it into a true dab rig! The height of this bong is 30 centimeters, and the glass thickness is 5 millimeters. As is the case with all Grace Glass bongs, you instantly feel that you've got real quality in your hands when you pick up this bong.

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About The Grace Glass 'Nautilus' Percolator Bong 'Labz Series'

  • Glass Percolator Bong
  • Made by Grace Glass
  • Shape: 'Nautilus' (submarine)
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Colour: White (matte)
  • Borosilicate glass (5mm thick)
  • Bowl Attachment: 18,8mm (SG19)
  • With 'Inline Slit Diffuser' and Drum Percolator
  • Glass Bong Bowl With Handle Included
  • No Kickhole / Carbhole
  • With Grace Glass emblem
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