How To Make Weed Butter

Making Weed Butter is not very hard, but you do need to know how it's done. Weed butter is an essential ingredient for many different cannabis dishes such as spacecake, space cookies, space brownies and many more. But you can also use weed butter to make a delicious sandwich with some extra kick! In this tutorial we show exactly how to make weed butter with pictures of every step.


Making Weed Butter: Ingredients

You don't need very much to make weed butter. The only ingredients - as you might have already guessed - are weed and butter. But to make weed butter out of regular butter, you need some more stuff. Below you'll find the complete list of everything you need:

  • Weed (Quantity depends on your wishes)
  • Butter
  • Furnace
  • 2x pans (1 big, 1 small)
  • 1x Spoon
  • 1x Kitchen Sieve
  • 1x Container that fits under sieve
  • 1x Old Tea Towel
  • 1x Weed Grinder


Making Weed Butter: The Full Process (step by step)

Here's the full recipe for how to make weed butter, explained step by step. There's pictures of every step of the process at the bottom of the page.


Step 1: Grind the weed into small pieces. To make sure that all cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) dissolve well into the butter, it's important to crumble the weed into small chunks to make the surface area as large as possible. This can be done very easily using a weed grinder (available in our online store). It doesn't need to be ground up extremely fine or into powder, but it's not efficient to work with complete buds. If you're using cutting waste (sugar leaves), it's not necessary to use a grinder. Remove the large branches, but throw in the small stems: these contain precious THC as well!


Step 2: Fill the large pan with water, put it on the stove, and heat the water until it starts boiling. You may want to add a tiny bit of olive oil to the water, to keep it from splashing and boiling over.


Step 3: Put the butter and the weed in the small pan. Put this small pan into larger pan, so that it floats on the water. This will heat up the small pan, while making sure the temperature never exceeds 100°C. This is called "au bain marie". The butter will now start melting, so keep stirring using the spoon to mix it with the weed.


Step 4: Let the butter boil for between 2 and 12 hours. The longer you let it boil, the stronger your butter will become, while the taste of weed will become less. The exact time that you should let it boil depends on your personal preference and on the amount of time you can spare. Do you want the butter to have almost no taste of weed? Then let it boil for a long time! The water doesn't have to boil very hard, but it's important to keep the temperature of the water close to 100°C. Remember to keep stirring from time to time.


Step 5: Strain the weed butter. As soon as the cannabis butter has been in the pan long enough, it is time to filter it. We use an old tea towel, a kitchen sieve and a metal container in which the butter is ultimately stored. Place the sieve on top of the container where you want the butter to end up, and place the towel over the sieve. Then take the pan of liquid butter with weed and pour it through the tea towel. The butter will now slowly run through the towel and the sieve into the container. After letting it sit for a while, you can wring out the tea towel (with the weed in it) to squeeze the last bits of butter out of the weed. Otherwise a lot will remain in the weed or in the towel. Note, the butter is hot, so wear gloves if necessary!


Step 6: All the butter has now been seperated from the plant material. Essentially, your weed butter is now ready! You can put it in the fridge to let it solidify, or use it straight away in a cannabis dish recipe. Have fun and enjoy your meal!


Storing (saving) Weed Butter

Now that the cannabis butter is ready, you may be wondering the best way to store cannabis butter for a long time. Essentially, you store cannabis butter the same as any other butter.


Weed Butter: animal or vegetable butter?

What is the best type of butter to make cannabis butter? Animal or vegetable butter?

We only use unsalted animal butter to make cannabis butter. The THC dissolves very well, it can be used for all kinds of dishes, and it just tastes delicious!


Making Weed Butter: Buds or (sugar)leaves?

You can make cannabis butter out of cutting waste or "crumble", but also from high-quality buds. It doesn't really matter. We would recommend saving the delicious buds for smoking in your bong (or vaporizer) or joint, and using the weed of lesser quality or the cutting waste to make butter and extracts. This way, you make efficient use of material that would otherwise be thrown away. The weed butter is basically for free if you use waste material!

And what about wet weed? Can I make weed butter using wet weed that's still moist? Yes, you can. Although various sources tell us that it's less efficient. We recommend drying the cannabis first before making weed butter to get the maximum yield and best possible effect. But if you don't have time... yes, it's possible!


Weed Butter Ratio: How much weed should I put in the butter?

That depends on what exactly you're planning to do with it, and how strong you want your butter to be. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than half a gram of cannabis per person. We're talking about normal cannabis - hash or extracts are much stronger and therefore you should use much less than regular weed. Let's say you're making a spacecake for 10 people, or 10 cupcakes - that means you should put up to 5 grams of weed in your butter. For sugarleaves or cutting waste you can use up to three times this amount. Be very careful with eating cannabis(dishes), because the effect of eating cannabis is MUCH stronger than from smoking it! The effect lasts much longer and it can be extremely uncomfortable or even dangerous to eat too much.


Buy Weed Butter

But I don't want to make weed butter! Can't I just buy it somewhere? In the USA you might be, but in the Netherlands (and most of Europe) it is seen as a cannabis extract which qualifies as hard drugs. That may be a little silly, whereas weed butter is made from weed and weed is a soft drug. The only legal way to buy weed (for recreational use) is to buy it at a coffeeshop (weed store / cafe in the Netherlands where you can buy and smoke weed), but there is not a single coffeeshop in the Netherlands that sells weed butter.





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