King Blunt (Tobacco Free) Blunt Wraps

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King Blunt is a new brand of blunt wraps from Brasil. All King Blunt products are 100% tobacco-free and nicotine-free, so you can fully enjoy the contents of your roll-your-own cigar without the nicotine interfering with the effect of your herbs. And of course, tobacco free blunts are healthier than blunts made of tobacco. King Blunt wraps are available in 7 different flavours: banana, vanilla, chocolate, passion fruit, watermelon, strawberry and grape. All flavours are very natural and although the flavour is quite strong, it is definitely not overwhelming. When you light up a King Blunt, the whole room starts to smell great. One pack contains 5 leaves or blunts, so at just €1.95, the King Blunts are not only the best, but perhaps the cheapest blunt wraps in the world!

All King Blunt wraps are made in Brazil by the famous rolling paper company aLeda, which is renowned around the globe as the first producer of transparent rolling papers (cellulose papers). Now the company has expanded their product range with some of the best rolling papers and blunt wraps ever created.


About King Blunt (Tobacco Free) Blunt Wraps

  • Tobacco Free Blunt Wraps
  • 5 Leaves / Wraps per Pack
  • Various Flavours
  • Made by aLeda
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