Large Acrylic Bong Various Colours

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This Large Acrylic Bong Various Colours is a great waterpipe for at home, at parties or for smoking outdoors, whereas it is light, strong and easy to take with you. This acrylic bong is 45 centimeters tall, which is slightly larger than average. The metal downstem and bowl are easy to clean and very durable. Thanks to the large water chamber and long downstem, this cheap bong can cool the smoke quite well. And of course, the large smoke chamber holds a LOT of smoke! This is not a piece for the people who prefer soft and gentle smoking, because if you don't know how to handle a bong, this thing will absolutely knock you out; or at least make you cough out half your lungs. The thumb hole (or kickhole/carbhole) enables you to clear the whole bong at once. First draw the smoke into the bong with your thumb on the hole, then release your thumb and inhale every last bit of smoke in the chamber!

There is no choice of colour possible with this bong. We have green, blue, red and orange in random quantities. If you have a colour preference, you can let us know in the order comments during checkout. If we still have your colour in stock, we will take your preference into account and send you the colour you asked. But we cannot always guarantee that we have the colour you prefer!


About The Large Acrylic Bong Various Colours

  • Plastic / Acrylic Bong
  • Height: 45 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 5 Centimeters
  • Grind: Rubber Plug Fitting
  • Metal Downstem and Bowl
  • With Thumb Hole (Carbhole)
  • Removable Rubber Foot
  • Random Colour
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