Oil Rig 'Mini Donut' by Blaze Glass

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The Oil Rig 'Mini Donut' by Blaze Glass is a small but fine oil bong (oil rig). Thanks to its compact size, it's easy to take this pipe with you when traveling or visiting friends. Although this piece is meant to be a Dab Rig (for "dabbing" concentrates or hash oil), you can also equip it with a regular bowl (with a female attachment) and use it as a bong for smoking dried herbs.

This Oil Rig by Blaze Glass is made of the super strong and durable borosilicate glass. The high quality material ensures that this bong will last for a very long time when used properly. Of course, it will get damaged if you throw it into a wall or drop it on a concrete floor, which could mean that you'd have to visit the Bongify webshop again (which we don't mind, of course). But when used normally, there's no need to worry about any signs of wear, because this high quality glass smoking device is one that can last forever.

The Oil Rig Mini Donut by Blaze Glass is equipped with a diffuser. The horizontal percolator has 4 slits that make sure the smoke gets filtered properly, meaning that you inhale less harmful and unwanted substances such as tar and carbon monoxide (which are partly filtered out and remain in the bong water). The diffuser also cools the smoke incredibly well (or really, the diffuser makes the water cool the smoke more effectively), which makes the smoke feel much more smooth on the throat and inhalation much more pleasant.

The included oil nail made by Blaze Glass is a handy tool for heating your concentrates or dabs. There's also a Blaze oil dome included for making sure you get the absolute best smoking experience and to prevent losing any precious vapour. But how exactly does that work? Simple! Just place the oil nail on the SG19 attachment of the bong, heat the nail with a torch lighter, slide the dome over the nail and "dab" your concentrate onto the hot nail using a dab tool or carb cap dabber. Now inhale slowly while the vapour develops!

Blaze Glass is a world-famous bong brand from Germany that is renowned for tremendously high quality bongs at extremely low prices. And this is no exception! There are few brands that can produce bongs of this caliber at a price like this, but Blaze Glass manages to do it time and time again. Order this Blaze Glass oil bong and other Blaze Bongs directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Shop of Europe!

We only sell GENUINE Blaze Glass bongs and dab rigs!


What's included with the Oil Rig Mini Donut by Blaze Glass:

  • 1 x Oil Rig Mini Donut by Blaze Glass
  • 1 x Oil Nail
  • 1 x Oil Dome


About The Oil Rig 'Mini Donut' by Blaze Glass:

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Colour: Transparent / Black
  • Brand: Blaze Glass
  • Height: 18 centimeters
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Dome Attachment: SG10F (10mm female)
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm
  • Equipped with 4-Slit Diffuser
  • Suitable for Ice: No
  • Kickhole / Air Hole: No
  • For Oil / Dabs / Concentrates
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