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Looking for a weed pipe? You can buy cannabis pipes at Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Shop. We have both small pipes for weed (made of wood, glass, or metal) and spoon pipes, but also larger Gandalf pipes (long weed pipes) and bongs (water pipes for weed). Whatever you're looking for, you've come to the right place!


Why use a weed pipe?

There are several reasons to choose a weed pipe instead of a joint or blunt: you can smoke pure weed (without tobacco), you use less weed or hash (because it is smoked more efficiently), and it is just very quick and easy. Some people find a pipe to be the nicest way to smoke, and often a water pipe is chosen to cool and filter the smoke before you inhale it.

Which weed pipe is perfect for me?

Wooden weed pipes are stylish, cheap, and pleasant to use. Metal weed pipes are very durable and strong. Hand-blown weed pipes offer the best smoking experience: they do not affect the taste, are often very beautiful, and last a very long time (although they are more fragile). A water pipe for weed ("bong") is the ultimate way to smoke and comes in all shapes and sizes, but these are often mainly suitable for at home (not for taking outside with you - then you might prefer a small pipe).

How can I smoke pure hash(ish)?

A big advantage of a weed pipe vs joint is that you can smoke hash without using tobacco. You can roll a pure weed joint, but a hash joint without tobacco will not work. That is why the pure pipe is a great solution, especially for hash smokers, to smoke pure hash without the taste being influenced by tobacco. These pure pipes are often traditionally called kief pipes or hash pipes.

How to use a weed pipe?

Smoking a weed pipe is very easy. First, you place a piece of pipe gauze (or a "screen") in the head of the pipe, to prevent you from sucking the weed, hash, or ash into the pipe while smoking. Once the screen or filter is in the pipe, you put the ground weed or hash in it... and that's it! Use a proper lighter, inhale, and enjoy!


Cleaning a weedpipe or hashpipe

How do you clean a weed pipe? We clean a weed pipe with some Pipe Juice and a brush or pipe cleaner. This way, every hit remains fresh and tasty, without ruining the taste of your weed or hash.


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