RAW Wake Up & Bake Up Mug Pipe

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Are you tired of boring coffee mugs? Want to add a little excitement to your morning routine? Look no further than the Raw Wake Up & Bake Up Mug Pipe!

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this unique mug has a built-in pipe, perfect for enjoying your favorite herb while sipping on your morning coffee or tea. The mouthpiece is conveniently located on the side of the mug for easy access.

At Bongify, we understand the importance of convenience and practicality, which is why we've made sure that this mug pipe is easy to clean with Pipe Juice, a specialized cleaning solution that's safe and effective for ceramic surfaces.

But this mug isn't just practical, it's also stylish. With its sleek design and trendy Raw logo, it's sure to turn heads and make a statement. Plus, the mug pipe is perfect for sharing with friends, making it a great addition to any social gathering.

So why settle for a boring, regular mug when you can have the Raw Wake Up Bake Up Mug Pipe? Order yours today and wake up feeling excited for the day ahead.


Product Features:

  • Built-in pipe for added convenience and enjoyment
  • Mouthpiece located on the side of the mug for easy access
  • High-quality ceramic construction for durability
  • Easy to clean with Pipe Juice by Bongify
  • Stylish design with trendy Raw logo
  • Perfect gift for stoner friends
  • European measurements used
  • Capacity of 350ml
  • Height of 10cm, diameter of 8cm


Order now and make your mornings more exciting with the Raw Wake Up Bake Up Mug Pipe!

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